Whackademia: An insider’s account of the troubled university.

Australian universities are not happy places. Despite the shiny rhetoric of excellence, quality, innovation and creativity, universities face a barrage of criticism over claims of declining standards, decreased funding, compromised assessment, increased vocationalism, overburdened academics and never-ending reviews and restructures. In a scathing insider exposé, Dr. Richard Hil lifts the lid on a higher education system that’s corporatised beyond recognition, steeped in bureaucracy and dominated by marketing and PR imperatives rather than intellectual pursuit. Fearless, ferocious and often funny, Whackademia exposes a world that stands in stark contrast to the slogans and mottos joyously promoted by our universities. Raising bold questions that go to the heart of Australian higher education, Whackademia is an unsentimental call for a re-enlightened higher education sector that’s not only about revenue, efficiencies and corporate profile.



Dr Richard Hil’s Biography:

Dr Richard Hil is Honorary Associate at the University of Sydney, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies and Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Social Work and Human Dr Richard HilServices, Griffith University. Richard has taught at the University of York in the UK, and in Australia at James Cook University, University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland University of Technology and Southern Cross University. Additionally, Richard has been a visiting scholar at the University of British Colombia, Canada and the University of Luton, UK. His research and teaching interests are in the areas of community development, criminology, youth studies, and peace and conflict studies. Richard is author of several books including recent publications Erasing Iraq, Surviving Care, and Whackademia: An insider’s account of the troubled university. He has also been a regular columnist for The Australian, Campus Review and Australian Universities Review.